3 Ways to Use Google+ for SEO

Google+ and SEOWhen talking about Google+ and SEO, you’ll get mixed opinions from SEOs on whether Google+ helps SEO or doesn’t help your SEO.  The truth is that any SEO that says Google+ does not help your rankings is not up to date with SEO in my opinion, or doesn’t pay attention to what happens within Google search results.  Google+ can definitely help your SEO in multiple ways.  Below is an example of how Google+ helps your SEO and three strategies that you can use to let Google+ help your SEO.  [Continue reading]

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing an Affiliate’s Website

questions to think about when reviewing affiliate sites

This is a guest post from my friends at Brandverity.  Brandverity is a tool that I use with one of my clients and highly recommend if you have a program that allows PPC with direct to merchant linking or linking to their own sites.  The opinions in this post are of Brandverity and do not necessarily reflect those of Adam Riemer Marketing.

Things to think about when approving Affiliate applications

Marketers get excited about growth. This makes perfect sense, considering how we strive for customer acquisition and revenue increases. And hey, sometimes it’s just exciting to be part of something successful. Isn’t it? When it comes to affiliate marketing, Affiliate Managers want to make their programs more successful, increasing their numbers and producing more value for the company. [Continue reading]

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5 Things That Are Equal to Trademark Bidding by Your Partners

value adding affiliates

There are a ton of people who bash Affiliates.  I think it is because they aren't able to compete so they try to make their own industry look better.  Affiliate Marketing is by far the best return on investment and a reliable stream of value adding … [Continue reading]

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3 Niches You Can Enter Now to Make Money Online!

Make Money Online

One of the most common questions you get from new Affiliates is "What niches can I make money in?".  The ones that don't ask about a niche or industry usually end up creating a banner farm (i.e. an online shopping mall) or try to start a coupon … [Continue reading]

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Should you launch your Affiliate Program on Multiple Networks?

should you launch an affiliate program on multiple affiliate networks

Launching Affiliate Programs on multiple Affiliate Networks? A common question for Merchants who are new to Affiliate Marketing is "Should I launch my Affiliate Program on multiple Affiliate Networks?".  There are many reasons why Merchants may … [Continue reading]

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