Must Attend Affiliate Summit East 2014 Sessions

250x250 - Register Now for ASW12Before I go into this post, I went through and found which session during which time frame I would attend if I didn’t have meetings set up.  I have a lot of friends who are speaking that I don’t mention in here and it is nothing personal.  These are selected based on descriptions, interactivity at the show so I can ask about confusing concepts (the videos are available after the show depending on your pass, so sessions I won’t have questions about I would not go to because I can watch them later on) or because they could generate a lot of thought and help me with my company and my clients.

There are a ton of incredible speakers and sessions, but I look for mid level to advanced sessions and things that interest me personally.  Please remember that this is not based on friendship, etc…  This post is based on what sessions I would personally attend based on description, topic and interactivity.

Here are the sessions that I would recommend and will try to be at at Affiliate Summit East 2014.  Please feel free to add your session and why people should attend in the comments section below.  [Continue reading]

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3 Things to Be Careful of If Your Website Allows Customer Reviews

3 ways customer reviews can hurt your website

Customer reviews on product pages and on your site can be great to help conversions.  They can increase sharing, build trust and help to show what is good and not good with the products you carry.  The problem is that they can also cause damage to your company.

I always encourage clients to offer a section for their customers to leave feedback on products, however there are a few things to think about when selecting a vendor for reviews and that you should pay attention to.  Some of them you may already know, but here are three you may not have thought of.    [Continue reading]

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25+ Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Company or Website

marketing strategies for small businesses

  Small businesses (SMBs) are limited on budgets and need to make everything count.  Regardless if it is money, time or effort, they cannot waste any of it.  While some things come and go marketing wise, others last a long time.  If you don't … [Continue reading]

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How to Track PPC as an Affiliate Without a PPC Pixel

how to track affiliate PPC campaigns

One thing that many PPC Affiliates hate is that you cannot place an Adwords or Bing pixel on a Merchant's site.  That means that there is no way to report to the search engine which keywords are driving conversions.  The reason that some merchants do … [Continue reading]

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5 Things To Stop Doing With Facebook FanPages Right Now!

Common facebook marketing mistakes

Everyone wants a Facebook page, and when they launch they are so excited that they don't think about what they should do after pushing their pages live.  People want fans, followers and everything else possible.  While I agree using social media is a … [Continue reading]

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