How to Use Analytics To Scale Your Revenue

Since last week’s post was about creating a resource to drive seasonal and year round revenue.  This week I want to do a post about how to take your resource posts, product pages or even categories that generate regular, seasonal or passive income and give you a way to help scale the revenue from them.

It’s a bit more advanced and takes more work, but if done the right way it could help you discover who your audience of shoppers is, and then drive more of those same people to your pages.

The nice thing is that this can work for affiliates, eCommerce sites and pretty much anyone.  It also doesn’t have to be sales based.  It could be email opt ins or even leads.

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How to Use Analytics to Grow Revenue

The first thing is to go into your analytics, social account, affiliate network or tracking solution and find out what your top sales referral pages are and who the people are on these pages.   If you’re using this for email sign ups, you’ll want what your top email opt in pages are.  Depending on your ESP you may have this in a report.   [Continue reading]

How Some Top Affiliates Earn Passive Income

I didn’t have time to write a blog post this week, but my affiliate newsletter for the Hips&Curves affiliate program last month got an awesome response, so I wanted to share it, with a couple of edits for you.  This post is about how some of the top affiliates I work with drive year round or seasonal passive incomes.

There are a few simple steps in how they do this.

  1. Create a resource with content that doesn’t go bad
  2. Plan at least two posts for each season
  3. Remember to share the resource at relevant times

how top affiliates make money

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Google Now, Predictive Search & What You Need to Know.

Google Now, predictive search and what you need to know

I've been looking at Google Now a lot over the last few months and in the slight chance it does catch on, it could have devastating affects on local business as well as local search agencies. In it's basic form, Google Now is connecting your … [Continue reading]

How to Pitch Affiliates at Affiliate Summit (Networks & Merchants)

how to recruit value adding SEO Affiliates

Affiliate Summit is the best show for the performance marketing industry.  You can find affiliate partners that can bring you new customers as well as learn how to combat poaching and theft.  There are also sessions to help grow your business … [Continue reading]

5 Ways for Wedding/Events Planners & Apps to Make More Money

how to recruit value adding SEO Affiliates

If you were at the Wedtech conference last fall you probably saw my panel about how wedding/event planners and wedding apps can grow, scale and make money. After the show I got a lot of questions about how to implement the strategies to monetize … [Continue reading]

Frost as Mrs. Claws – Yup, We Did It Again This Year – Please Read

frost as mrs. claws

If you've been following my blog then you know each year before Christmas I buy a few hundred dog and cat toys, treats, etc... and go to the DC Humane society.  I go and volunteer because it not only makes me feel good, but the animals need the extra … [Continue reading]