Facebook FanPage Posts Not Getting Exposure? Try Unliking Campaigns

Facebook Unliking Campaigns

One problem social media marketers face is how to get their messages to show to their Facebook FanPage Fans without having to spend money.  Chances are that if you’re message is not getting exposure, it’s because your “FanPage Fans” aren’t actually “Fans”.  To help reverse this trend and start to try and get more exposure, you may want to try Facebook Unliking campaigns.  (Unliking campaigns are a term I have been using internally with my own company and my clients for years.  Not sure if it is a real one or not.)

This post will go over what Unliking campaigns are, a few ways to do them and how they can possibly help you to gain more exposure when trying to get an active Facebook FanPage.   (BTW, I can easily see this turning into a service or business model for a bunch of social media marketing agencies.  If you do offer it, don’t forget to source where you found out about FanPage unliking services.  #ShamelessPlug).  [Continue reading]

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5 Ways to Do a Link Request For Backlinks & SEO

how to do backlink requests

Link requests (writing to another website and asking for a backlink) are some of the most common ways to get backlinks for SEO.  They can help build links by using the current content on your site, getting new content published and are a good way to build your brand and gain exposure (if the site has an actual following).  The problem is that people don’t always use this technique the right way.

The most common issues are forgetting to include other websites besides their own, customizing them and why this will benefit the website owner.  Here are some of the ways that some SEOs use link requests and how you can customize them for link building.   There are plenty of other types of link requests for backlinks besides the ones below.  If you’d like to share one, please leave it in the comments section.   [Continue reading]

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Speaking Schedule for Fall, Come See Me!

adam riemer marketing

I swore I was going to cut down on tradeshows, etc... this fall, but that always ends up not happening.  However, during the next few months I have a very different tradeshow and speaking schedule.  If I am in your town or you are going to be at the … [Continue reading]

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Washington DC SEO MeetUp – Don’t Miss Out

Washington DC SEO Networking

If you're a Washington DC SEO company, professional, Blogger, Social Media Marketer, Affiliate, PPC, Blogger, Emailer, Conversion Rate Optimizationist or do online marketing, you won't want to miss our Washington DC SEO networking meetup.  Although … [Continue reading]

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How To Increase Pageviews Using Analytics & Goals

how to increase pageviews using analytics

During my session at Affiliate Summit East last week someone asked me about something I said.  How can you use analytics to increase page views?  There are multiple ways to do this, but the one I talked about is the easiest for anyone with Google … [Continue reading]

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