Introducing the SmugMug Photography Affiliate Program

smugmug photography affiliate program

I’m very excited to announce a brand new affiliate management client, SmugMug.  SmugMug is the leader in creating stunning photo websites for photographers and photo enthusiasts.  They provide ways to securely store and share their photos while being able to take their business online.  As a leading solution with an easy-to-use interface, SmugMug is a must join photography affiliate program for anyone with photography, family or consumer traffic.  (It is great for family photo websites and secure photo storage too!)

Whether you or your friends enjoy photography, or you have website visitors that could use a solution to store all of their digital photos, SmugMug is the best option for photography affiliate programs for you to choose from.

SmugMug offers its partners:

  • 15% commissions
  • Long life cookies
  • Protection from sites poaching sales via adware, trademark bidding, etc…
  • Dedicated affiliate management to support you
  • And more!

Who should join?

  • Photographers
  • Photography resources
  • Mommy, fashion and content bloggers
  • Photography schools and tutorials
  • Affiliates with website builder traffic
  • Reviews guides or tutorials about cameras or taking photographs
  • Anyone else with traffic, friends or that belongs to groups with people that want to store, share and sell their artwork online!

Click here to join one of the best photography affiliate programs, then read below to discover how to make money promoting SmugMug.  [Continue reading]

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Is Your Site Gay Friendly? 6 Tips to Convert Gay Visitors.

how to make a website gay friendly

Many retailers love having gay traffic.  Numerous gay couples are DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), gay consumers tend to be socially and technologically savvy shoppers and this community can be extremely brand loyal.  But what many stores may not know is that their website may not be gay friendly.

You don’t have to plaster your site with rainbow flags, disco balls and pop divas to be gay friendly.  You don’t even have to show same sex couples, although it doesn’t hurt.  What you do have to do is realize that gay customers need certain things that heterosexual shoppers don’t need.  This also goes for people shopping for gay couples for the holidays, anniversaries and weddings.

By making some small tweaks to your website, you can not only begin to make it easier for gay people to shop, but you may be able to increase conversions, build backlinks and build a larger loyal customer base.

Here are some tweaks you may want to make to your website to help your gay visitors, and people shopping for gay friends, to provide a better user experience and make your website more gay friendly.   [Continue reading]

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SEO & PPC in 2015, Why Google Strategies Include Yahoo! & Bing

SEO Strategies for 2015

A lot has changed quickly in Q4 2014 with Google and for Search Marketers.  Google is going to be including the mobile phone icon for mobile friendly websites.  We have the launch of Google Now and Google has started losing market share to Yahoo! and … [Continue reading]

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How To Write Posts Now to Make Money Next Year

finding similarities for seo strategies

Want to learn a strategy to make money online with your blog without chasing away your readers?  Then this post is for you.  If you're an affiliate manager or outsourced affiliate management company, it can also help you to grow a value adding … [Continue reading]

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Do Affiliate Programs Hurt or Help SEO? Read This Post!

Does Affiliate Marketing Effect SEO

When businesses get hit by Google, panic happens shortly after.  All of the sudden rumors about SEO sound plausible and not everyone thinks clearly. Instead of processing all scenarios, many companies and their SEO firms need a scapegoat.  That … [Continue reading]

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