Do Affiliate Programs Hurt or Help SEO? Read This Post!

Does Affiliate Marketing Effect SEOWhen businesses get hit by Google, panic happens shortly after.  All of the sudden rumors about SEO sound plausible and not everyone thinks clearly.

Instead of processing all scenarios, many companies and their SEO firms need a scapegoat.  That scapegoat is usually their affiliates.  This recently happened with one of my clients that I do not do SEO for.

This particular client’s affiliate program and links are hosted on Share a Sale and the images for the program are hosted on a different url because of their shopping cart.   In this specific case, there are NO backlinks to the site through the affiliate program.  When the site took a hit from a penalty, the community in the forums behind the shopping cart blamed affiliate links for the fall.  Unfortunately the panicked store owner believed it, until we talked through what could actually have caused the penalization.

Even if the links were from an in-house shopping cart and would count as backlinks, this particular program is all content sites and almost all are within their specific niche.

If they were backlinks, it would actually be a dream backlink profile that could help rank them instead of hurting them.  The other benefit  of the current partners is that they are bringing in customers from places in the search engines and on social media sites that the merchant isn’t ranking for or doesn’t have a presence.  This is a huge value to any company, especially one that got hit by a Google penalty and needs traffic and customer sources that aren’t reliant on the store’s own traffic and brand.

When the client wrote to me saying they need to close the program, I sent back an email explaining why closing their program would be a bad decision; especially if their rankings have dropped in the search engines.  I also told this client that I am writing this post and to please share it with the community that is starting rumors about affiliate marketing hurting SEO.

The bottom line is that this program is being run correctly and has no easily seen negative impact on SEO.  However, Affiliate marketing can effect your SEO both good and bad depending on how your program is run and where it is being hosted.

Please read this post carefully and as SEO changes and affiliate questions come in, I will keep the post and list updated.  Here is how affiliate programs and your affiliates can help and hurt your SEO.

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How to Make Money By Selling Ideas & Providing Solutions

how to make sales by selling ideas

One thing I notice on a lot of sites that have traffic, but don’t generate a lot of sales, is that they forget to sell the idea and then provide a solution for how to create or replicate the idea they sold.  It can be any type of site from a private Blogger to an In-house Blogger at an eCommerce store.  It includes some Affiliates, content sites or even a resource site for specific products, niches and directories.  Even step by step instruction guides and YouTube videos forget to do this.  (I swear this post gets better and more interesting).

Anyone can write a post or a product list or gift guide, but not everyone does one that can maximize their revenue potential.

The trick is getting your visitors to see a need for the product (generating an idea), want to create the same results or product you talk about, or to use your resource to reach a goal (create the idea or product for themselves).   It can be anything from a look to a family photo or even sending a gift.

By creating an image in your website visitors’ heads with them using it, or how to incorporate your post within their own lives, you can generate a want.  That want can now turn into multiple streams of revenue for you.

It sounds obvious, but this could be a bit confusing.  I’ll give you a few things to think about when trying this theory, and then some examples of how to stand out in different niches while creating a want and how to possibly sell products by generating ideas.

Here are a few things to remember to include within your posts:

  • Forget about the obvious products and provide a solution
  • Did you provide something unique that isn’t on other sites
  • Make sure to bring up issues the reader wouldn’t have thought of, and always talk to the reader  (Don’t say “I”
    or “it”, say you and your.  (i.e. it will look amazing vs. you will look amazing)).

If you cannot check off all three of these, then you may not be placing an idea and creating a need, want or solution for the visitor.  This is where you can miss out on a big sales and revenue opportunity.

Here are a few niches and ways to make your content stand out, be unique and drive an image or provide a solution for your website visitors that can help make them want to buy products through your site and increase your revenue streams.  (This is where the post starts to get interesting).  [Continue reading]

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Things to Prepare Before Being an Entreprenuer – My List

10 things to prepare if you want to be an entreprenuer

Working for myself has been an amazing experience.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I get to do amazing things like swim with sharks, jump off towers, travel the world and meet celebrities. At the same time I have had and still have downs … [Continue reading]

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Facebook FanPage Posts Not Getting Exposure? Try Unliking Campaigns

Facebook Unliking Campaigns

One problem social media marketers face is how to get their messages to show to their Facebook FanPage Fans without having to spend money.  Chances are that if you're message is not getting exposure, it's because your "FanPage Fans" aren't actually … [Continue reading]

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5 Ways to Do a Link Request For Backlinks & SEO

how to do backlink requests

Link requests (writing to another website and asking for a backlink) are some of the most common ways to get backlinks for SEO.  They can help build links by using the current content on your site, getting new content published and are a good way to … [Continue reading]

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